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FLORIBUNDA was bred to produce bush that is lower growing than the hybrid teas. They bloom in clusters and are usually ever- blooming. They are disease resistant, compact, and make excellent landscape roses. DRIFT ROSES are true groundcover roses that were developed for small gardens. There low spreading habits also makes them perfect for container gardening or hanging baskets. Low maintenance and disease resistant, Drift roses should be pruned in time to produce new growth in the spring.

The most common flower in a bouquet, the HYBRID TEA was established by cross-breeding two different types of roses, initially by hybridizing Hybrid Perpetuals with Tea Roses. It is the oldest plant group classified as a modern garden rose…. GRANDIFLORA rose combines the characteristics of the floribunda and the hybrid tea rose. They bloom in a cluster on each stem shaped like a chandelier. Grandiflora roses bloom more frequently than the hybrids, is more susceptible to insects and disease and must be checked frequently the signs.

All roses prefer a spot in your garden that receives atleast six to eight hours of full sun a day and a rich, organic, well-drained soil. Roses can be purchased as bare-root, growing in plastic containers, or growing in biodegradable containers. Each plant directions that is located on the label for each rose is a little different.

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